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Time Paradox

A Woman Affair

A young woman by the name of Kay starts out for the adventure Time Paradox on a journey through time, to regain in the parts of a precious time machine scattered through the epochs. At the same time she has to retrace a paradoxon in the time-space-continuum and adjust the through this originated inconsistencies. The puzzles are simple to solve, the gameplay is coherent and logical.

Kay takes everything valuable she can get in the different worlds. Sometimes you however get things rather coincidentally without a reference to their existence. That is confusing, because one is in favour of searching each and every corner which is partly however pure waste of time.

The German voices of the characters seem to be lay-actors, and the German on screen text shows some errors. Also an accurate positioning of the cursor is not always possible.

Time paradox belongs however nevertheless to the pleasing point'n-click-adventures. There are some similarities with Simon the Sorcerer, but surely unintentional, or? One can get familiarized anyhow to the stuff, and also genre beginners will easily deal with it.


Which was noticeable to us:

+ logical puzzles
+ also suitably for beginners
+ dense atmosphere
- weak acoustic output
- average graphics and sound


  • Graphic: 2 of 5
  • Sound: 1 of 5
  • Comfort: 1 of 5
  • Total: 3 of 5

System requirements:
486/33, 4 MB RAM, VGA

Developer: Flair Software

PC-Spiel, © 10/96




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